My name is Crystal

I am Webdesigner Graphic Design Artist

About me

This online portfolio whose domain name takes my identity, is kind of a travel diary through time of my different artistic achievements and graphic designers.

I have always been passionate about art and creative hobbies, so I naturally focused on learning these trades. Once the baccalaureate in hand, direction Blois's university to get my Higher Degree in Multimedia and Internet, then the Arles's University where I obtained my Bachelor in Communication Activities & Technics , finishing first of my promotion.

I consider myself as multidisciplinary in creative hobbies related to graphics and the web. Like my logo, a fish, the astrological symbol of my month of birth, made of crystal, I like to be able to apprehend everything that touches directly or indirectly to this universe of artistic creation.


Multidisciplinary skills at your service

Webdesign & Newsletter

In charge of the visual design of websites and newsletter, I realize website mockup according to specification, site arborescence and sitemap, respect or creation of the graphic chart, graphic and visual universe, ergonomics and UX / IU.

Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I work on the visual aspect of an advertising creation (email, banner, Twitter or Facebook image, flyer, website ...) by choosing or creating images (photos, illustrations) and by defining the graphic chart of the message.

Videos & Photographies

Artistic creations


Discover my projects

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa

Le Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa Siem Reap, Cambodge Date : Octobre 2017 Logiciels : Suite Adobe pour l’aspect Design, CMS pour le site internet Travail réalisé : Charte graphique, Design du site Lien direct : Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa Catégorie : Site internet Client : Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa Un site internet […]

LipDub Victoria Angkor Hotel

Because I’m happy au Victoria Angkor !   Date : Mai 2017 Logiciel : Sony Vegas Matériel : Téléphone Samsung A5 Travail réalisé : Scénario, Mise en scène, Tournage, Montage, Mise en Ligne Lien direct : YouTube Catégorie : Vidéo   Un tournage express pour de joyeux souvenirs. Suite à une idée émise à la […]

Vietnam Free & Easy

Vietnam Free & Easy Le blog d’information sur le Vietnam !   Date : Avril 2017 Logiciels : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress Travail réalisé : Cahier des charges, Logo, WebDesign, Site internet WordPress Lien direct : VietnamFreeAndEasy Catégorie : Site Internet Client : Le Gaulois de Saïgon Entre Bons Plans Voyage et Expatriation En […]

21 countries


1 year

in Asia

4 to 5 stars

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Personal projects

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My style pleases you, my skills could correspond to your need, do not hesitate to inform me of your projects or simply to exchange by the form of contact or by mail to crystal.fontbonnat(@)

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